American Pakistani Kevaan Hasnain wins Mr. Pakistan World

LAHORE, Pakista – Born and raised in California, USA, Kevaan Hasnain is a young American Pakistani who is the newly awarded Mr. Pakistan World  2020. Hasnain belongs to Lahore, Punjab from Pakistan and is keen on promoting Pakistan in many international contests in the coming year. 

The year will be very busy for Hasnain as he will be meeting international and national political dignitaries from the Governor of Punjab Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar to various party heads conveying the message of the youth and advocating for a positive image of Pakistan. Hasnain is one of the many pioneers in bringing both Pakistani and American backgrounds in the limelight and is concentrating this year on bringing the focus on the youth and the issues the youth faces in Pakistan. 

In the year 2019, Pakistan participated in two international pageants representing Pakistan in the Philippines and Indonesia. This year Kevaan Hasnain will be going to international pageants in the UK, Poland, Malaysia and Mexico, where he will be solely representing Pakistan amongst other nations.

Besides traveling, reading and focusing on his fitness regime, Kevaan Hasnain is currently in university studying business and takes time out to work towards various charities. He has helped and promoted charities such as SOS Village and Edhi Foundation and will be aiming to spend more time helping more charities this year. 

When asked about his winning the title, Kevaan said, “It feels amazing, it’s truly surreal for me. It’s always been my goal to be a leader, a role model, and set a good example for others. Just as I have been inspired by certain successful people from the previous generation, I intend to pay it forward to the next generation as well. I hope to make a difference in Pakistan, the country where my roots lie and a nation that has been so kind to me. In the next coming months, I plan on giving back to several charities that I care about. It’s important to give back to the community and help the underprivileged. I also plan on speaking to representatives in the Pakistani government on how I can help Pakistan and make a positive impact. My plans for international pageants are to represent Pakistan on a global stage and make my country proud as I will be promoting the travel and tourism industry of Pakistan. I want to accomplish a lot for Pakistan and gain respect as well as recognition for my country and fellow Pakistanis.”

Sonia Ahmed, President of Mr. Pakistan World said last year was an active year for them, and 2020 will be even busier.

“A lot it planned for Kevaan as we are planning to team up with various charities to work towards bigger causes including participation in environmental projects like planting trees in Pakistan amongst other causes. With Kevaan Hasnain being the current Mr. Pakistan World, we are hoping to compete in international contests and represent Pakistan as much as possible. We are also focused in involving the current and future winners of Mr. Pakistan World in causes that aim to help and promote women’s issues, youth issues and child abuse. So, we are looking for a full year of various activities and hopefully we can bring Pakistan on the map in regards to competing internationally.”

Mr. Pakistan World is a contest for young men of Pakistani decent from all around the world. For more information please contact and visit

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