Anti-lockdown protesters take to Calgary’s streets Sunday

CALGARY – Calgary Walk for Freedom held another rally in Calgary Jan. 3.

Protesters walked down 6th Ave to Olympic Plaza and then back along Stephen Avenue to the courthouse.

Organizer Brad Carrigan said there is an agenda behind the lockdowns. He pointed out that people from the group’s previous rally received 20 tickets for violating public health orders but people are packed into malls and no tickets issued.

“So we have to ask our police chief, our mayor, why are you stopping freedom fighters from telling the truth? What is the reasoning behind that?

“They are shutting down our economy for no reason,” he added. “Because they can.”

Will Dove also spoke saying the petition has more than 4,000 signatures.

Other speakers included Paul Hinman from the new Wildrose Party and Pastor Tobias from Manitoba.

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