AHS closes Brooks restaurant after mouse poison pellets found near stored food

BROOKS – Alberta Health Services (AHS) closed a Brooks restaurant after mouse poison pellets were found scattered in food storage rooms, and for unsanitary conditions.

Royal City Motor Inn located at 352 – 6 Street East in Brooks was closed Feb. 26.

The order stated that mouse poison pellets are scattered in corners of the dry food and food packaging storage room, back storage room and hand sink room creating unnecessary risk of contamination. Paint supplies are left next to the one compartment sink in the kitchen.

In addition, the kitchen prep table, counter and meat cutting block was found left dirty from previous days use. The prep table cutting board is dirty and the underside is stained with mold. Food slicer is left dirty covered in debris. Raw meat, fish batter, frozen fish and garlic sauce was stored uncovered and unprotected. Canned food such as tomato sauce and olives are left in opened cans.