Trudeau’s Bill C-10 will control what you post online

Prime Minister Justin Truduea’s government plans to control what you post online.

Bill C-10 gives the CRTC the ability to regulate video content on the Internet. The Liberal MPs voted to allow Bill C-10 to also apply to user-generated-content, which means what regular people post on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and any other social media.

Bill C-10 is currently before the House of Commons.

Michael Geist, a law professor at the University of Ottawa and the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law, told the Toronto Sun the Trudeau Liberals are the most “anti-internet government in Canadian history, a group hellbent on erecting what he calls the “great Canadian internet firewall.” The government wants to be able to block websites it determines Canadians should not see, remove content posted in Canada without any independent review, and to regulate your video postings using the CRTC.

Bill C-10 puts Canada on the same path as China and gives the government all the tools they need for total internet control.

Senator Linda Frum has started a petition against Bill C-10.

“Don’t let Trudeau and the Liberal government take away your freedom of expression online. It’s that serious,” she said in a tweet.

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