After COVID-19: Tim Hortons, Popeyes, Burger King owner says reopening means changes – possibly forever

With restaurants re-opening, Restaurant Brands International – which owns 15,000 Tim Hortons, Popeyes and Burger King restaurants – says there will be changes for the foreseeable future and possibly forever.

“While we have mandated masks and gloves in the short-term, our brand and operations teams are now evaluating more comfortable and reusable masks that may become part of our standard uniforms,” said Jose Cil, CEO, Restaurant Brands International in a statement May 12.

“We have acrylic shields and contactless service at most of our restaurants,” he said.

“We are maintaining a ‘safe distance’ rule in our dining rooms – whether communities require it or not.”

Cil says they have signs on tables indicating which ones are open and which ones are reserved to maintain safe distances. They will also sanitize tables and chairs after each use and will have hand sanitizer available in the dining room for customers.

They have also turned off self-serve soda fountains and are offering beverages, extra condiments and trays from the behind the front counter.

Gerd Altmann photo

-Sarah Murphy/Alberta Press

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