Anti-Trudeau billboards pop up in Alberta

 The Wexit movement erected billboards along the QEII near Airdrie, and inside the cities of Edmonton and Calgary condemning Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Wexit organizers held a rally on the steps of the Alberta legislature in Edmonton with more than 250 people attending Saturday morning.

Wexit Canada leader Peter Downing told the crowd that Alberta is the best part of Canada.

“We have to cut off the sick and dying part to protect the best part,” he said, adding that joining like-minded western Canadian provinces to separate from the country could create “the best country on planet Earth.”

Issues addressed included the economy, helping veterans and supporting First Nations communities, and protecting gun ownership.

Todd Brown, Executive Director for Firearms Institute for Rational Education, said the federal firearms act needs to be abolished because it’s an act that allows for the confiscation of all firearms.

“Trudeau said he is going to take our guns away and he can do it. The only way to keep that is getting rid of the firearms act.”

Brown said legislation should target criminals and not law-abiding citizens.

“The ability to own firearms is a huge building block in a free society.”

Wexit a registered federal party

Wexit Canada became an eligible federal party on Jan. 10 after Elections Canada approved their application. They plan to run federal MP candidates in Alberta, B.C., Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

The group also formed a provincial Wexit party and plans to have candidates run for MLA in the next provincial election. Kathy Flett is the Interim Leader for Wexit Alberta.

Wexit is forming a provincial party too, because, to separate, they said Alberta needs an MLA to take a referendum to the federal level.

Flett said Alberta is “literally broken” under the Canadian Constitution, which was updated in 1982 by former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. 

She said embedded in the Canadian Constitution is the Alberta Act that states no matter what Alberta’s population hits Alberta will never have as many federal MP seats in the House of Commons as Quebec.

Alberta Press Staff

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