Update: Boy kills 3 children, one woman, shoots and injures man in Utah

Updated Jan. 19, 6:01 a.m.

A fundraiser page was started on Facebook for “Funeral and medical expenses for the Haynie family fundraiser. Fundraiser for Danny Haynie by Patty Deakin-Daley.”

The page says:

“A local family suffered a great loss this weekend. A Mom and her 3 minor children were killed and the Father was hospitalized in Critical condition. The family now has to pay the very expensive funeral and medical expenses related to this tragedy. There will be many expenses that will come up including having the home cleaned, repaired and made to feel like a home again. As a loving community, there has been many that have asked what can be done. This is the very best place to start.
Thank you in advance for any donations, kind words, or up lifting messages that are sent. They are very much appreciated.”

In one day since the page started, $29,685 was raised towards the requested $39,427.

Natalie Ipson, the community relations manager at Brigham Young University shared the Haynie fundraiser page and said on Twitter:

“It has been a horrific weekend for the idyllic neighborhood of my youth. Eastmoor Drive will always feel like home and its neighbors like family, including the friends just a few doors down who have gone through the unthinkable.”

A man who shared the fundraiser page on Facebook wrote, “The Haynie family lived just a couple doors down from where I grew up in Grantsville and were very close to our family. This tragic event has really affected my family, for multiple reasons. They have always been so kind and giving to us, always showing us by example how to serve and love your neighbors and friends.”

The Desert News reported that the suspect is believed to be a teenager who is “a member of the family.” Police also said the suspect was in custody. They said all victims found dead at 93 Eastmoor Drive were related and included an adult female and three juveniles (two girls and one boy).

The fifth and only living shooting victim, the father, who was identified on social media as Colin Haynie, was taken to the hospital.

A surviving son, Danny Haynie, who lives in another state and wasn’t home at the time, posted about the attack and his dad’s condition on Facebook. He said:

“UPDATE: I am with my father at the hospital and he is in Stable Condition. I just want to thank you all for your prayers and your support toward me and my dad. All I can ask is for your continued support and prayers. Seriously, thank you all.” Horrifically, he wrote earlier: “Anyone in Grantsville know is going on??? I can’t get ahold of my family and they live on the street where the shooting happened.”

On Danny Haynie’s Facebook page it said he is 24 and studies at UVU.

”He also wrote about his family tragedy on Twitter, saying, “Not looking forward to people using this to try and push their political agendas…especially when they don’t have all the true facts. And no, media members, I will not giving you guys the ‘juicy deets’ for your articles…”

He added: “Always keep your loved ones close to you, my friends. Always let them know that you love them, even if it seem redundant. You never know when your last interaction with someone might be your last….Thank you all for the support. Please keep my Dad in your prayers and thoughts.”

Megan Haynie Cowley shared the Facebook fundraiser page and wrote on Facebook:

“I’ve struggled to write this post all day. 😞 Prayers and donations for my uncle and cousin would be so appreciated. Friday evening, our cousins and aunt were taken from us in a shooting incident. Our uncle was injured but is stable and his oldest son, who was not there, is with him now.

“We still have so many questions and don’t know all the details, but I ask everyone to PLEASE be understanding and kind with your words. It can be so easy to want to blame someone and let that take over but as more information comes out, we ask that everyone remember that it is not for us to judge. We are absolutely heartbroken by this loss and are so grateful for the time we were able to spend with our cousins and aunt this past month at a family reunion. The best way to help our family now is helping them prepare for the overwhelming funeral costs and medical bills they will face, among other things. Hug your loved ones tighter tonight and tell them how much you love them 💕.”

Haynie family Facebook photos posted to Facebook depict a large, seemingly tight-knit family.

Haynie family (Facebook photo)
Haynie family (Facebook photo)

On Facebook, the parents shared a joint Facebook page called Alex and Colin Haynie.

The Salt Lake Tribune and social media posts said the family belonged to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

“There are no words to describe our heartbreak and grief,” Jason Killian, a stake president with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said in a statement to Deseret News and Fox 13. “We are devastated and so deeply saddened by what has occurred. We love this family, and will support them and the rest of our small community as we mourn together.”

Police haven’t yet identified the victims.

“We’re trying to make certain that we verify people’s relationships among the deceased and the survivor,” police spokesperson Rhonda Fields told reporters on Saturday. “As for motive, we don’t have any of that.”

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‘Parents and grandparents, secure your firearms!’ says Governor

A boy killed three children and a woman in a Utah home and then went with the fifth victim to the hospital, police told reporters Saturday.

The shooting happened in Grantsville on Friday night and police believe the victims were all related.

Police didn’t identify the boy because they charged him as a juvenile. They also declined to provide any more details about him.

Police say they responded to a call of shots fired inside a home at about 7 p.m. When they arrived they found the bodies of two girls, a boy, and a woman.

Utah Governor Gary Herbert posted on Twitter: “Parents and grandparents secure your firearms! Everyone, hug your loved ones tight. And remember love, not hate, will heal broken individuals and families.”

A Utah reporter sent out a tweet saying the fifth victim, an adult male, was in hospital in stable condition.

A Fox reporter tweeted that the person who made the 911 call is also the person who drove the adult male and shooter to the hospital.

Grantsville is 35 miles southwest of Salt Lake City, Utah. It is in Tooele County and has a population of about 10,000.

More to come. Please check back for updates.

Updated Jan. 18, 9:18 p.m.

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