Calgary man injured by wire strung across ATV trail

The Canadian Press

A Calgary man found himself in Fort St. John Hospital Wednesday after he was nearly garrotted to death by a wire strung across an ATV trail near Taylor.

Ray Harding, 30, was riding on Crown land in the Pine area when he was struck in the neck by the dangerous and reckless trap.

“It makes me sick. It could have been a small child. It’s very upsetting, there could have been a funeral,” said Harding, a father of two.

Harding was treated for his injuries and is now resting at home. He came to the area for work and enjoys quadding in his spare time.

Minimal treatment was given at the hospital before being released, said Harding. A deep road rash on his throat remains, making it difficult to talk or swallow.

“I just keep thinking about my son, there’s lots of kids just learning to ride,” said Harding, stressing the situation could have been fatal had a rider been younger than himself.

“They chained up a bunch of areas, no flags, no markings,” said Harding, noting that the chains are still up. It’s not known who put the chains up.

“I really hope this is an eye-opener for somebody. Just take them down, it’s not worth somebody’s life,” said Harding.

Fort St. John RCMP could not be immediately reached for comment.

By Tom Summer, Local Journalism Initiative/Alaska Highway News

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