COVID-19: Hundreds of doctors want you to stay home immediately

Calls on government to enforce stricter measures

In an urgent public letter today, 314 doctors and healthcare professionals from across B.C. pleaded with the public to stay home and help slow COVID-19.

The letter gives urgent recommendations from B.C. provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry for the public to stay home to prevent possible spread and infection of the novel coronavirus.

“Many of you are already adhering to these recommendations. But many of you are not,” said the letter.

“We’ve all heard stories in the last few days of groups of people gathering at parties, basketball games and beaches, despite the urging of officials to stay at home. Perhaps some people do not believe they will become sick, or don’t understand that they can carry and spread the virus to more compromised members of our society. This lack of action will cost lives. Please trust the experts and stay home.”

The letter also said that doctors “fear an influx of patients that the system cannot handle.”

“We fear for our patients and the need to make decisions about who will get the necessary equipment to survive. We fear for our own safety and the safety of our families,” the letter reads.

“We are telling all residents of BC what we have been telling those we love for a week: STAY HOME. RESTRICT CONTACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE.”

The group of doctors calls on the government to put stricter measures.

“This is a threat that hopefully comes along only once in a lifetime. We are asking every resident in every community to do their part to help us stop this virus,” the letter said.

“When we look back on this unprecedented time in our history, how did you act?”

The letter has three pages of signatures, including doctors from across the B.C.

George Brownwell/Alberta Press

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