Decaying dead mice prompts AHS to close Lovely Sweets – Sweets Kitchen in Calgary

CALGARY – Alberta Health Services closed Lovely Sweets – Sweets Kitchen
located at 4126 – 3961 52 Avenue NE in Calgary after a health inspector found an infestation of mice – some decaying.

The Oct. 18 order said several dead mice were observed at varying degrees of decay in traps throughout the restaurant.

According to AHS there was an extensive mouse infestation and an “abundance of mouse droppings” were found on stored food and in food preparation and food storage areas.

In addition, food, food packaging and containers were stored on the floor and among mouse droppings.

Take-out food containers in storage were chewed on and damaged by mice.
Containers of dry ingredients and ready-to-eat foods were stored uncovered on surfaces and wire shelves directly next to and under surfaces contaminated by mouse droppings in the warehouse.

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Large cooking pots were stored in the employee bathroom.

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The main floor food warehouse and loft storage area were cluttered with miscellaneous items that provide harbourage to mice and other pests.

AHS said there was an accumulation of grease, grime, old food debris and garbage on the floor under the cook line and preparation counters in the kitchen. There was a buildup of food debris on the walls in the kitchen and nearby hallway where uncovered processed foods were stored.

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There was also a heavy accumulation of grease, grime and food debris on the large food equipment in the kitchen, particularly on the sides, base and legs of the cooking equipment, and on the door fronts and handles of the walk-in cooler and freezer located in the warehouse.

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Deep-fried foods were stored in old, greasy cardboard boxes and rubber containers that were not food grade.

There was no hand soap at the handwashing sink in the employee bathroom.

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