Edmonton man who killed mom in cannabis-induced psychosis gets 45 months in prison

EDMONTON – An Edmonton man who stabbed his mother to death while he was in a cannabis-induced psychosis was given three years and nine months in prison. 

Jason Glenn Dickout was sentenced Feb. 12 in Edmonton court. With time served while awaiting trial, he will be released in about 10 months. 

Dickout had pleaded guilty to manslaughter and admitted to murdering his mother on April 17, 2017, in their northeast Edmonton home. 

Psychiatrists assessing Dickout believed he was in a cannabis-induced psychosis when he killed his mother, Kathy Dickout, 53. 

An agreed statement of facts entered by defense and Crown said, “Dr. Alberto Choy and Dr. Andrew Haag each opined that, on a balance of probabilities, at the time of the stabbing, the accused was experiencing an acute cannabis-induced psychosis which was both self-induced and transient, with the symptoms abating with a couple of days.”

According to court documents, Dickout and his sister had used cannabis and cannabis oil over the family’s Easter gathering. At about 12:26 a.m. on April 17, 2017, Dickout’s sister called Edmonton Police saying she witnessed her brother stab their mother about half a dozen times and that he seemed to be having a psychotic episode and like a crazy person he was screaming at the top of his lungs, making animal noises and talking nonsensically. 

Kathy Dickout, 53, was murdered by her son Jason Dickout in 2017.

Dickout was visiting his family for the Easter weekend. His father left for work at about 6:20 p.m. His sister went to buy groceries and got back home at about 10:30 p.m. A few hours earlier the sister and Jason smoked marijuana. 

To calm him down when she arrived home and found him acting strangely, she offered him some of her prescribed cannabis oil.

Dickout attacked his mother in the kitchen shortly after midnight. His sister ran outside. 

When police arrived they found Dickout naked from the waist down, men’s pajamas on the floor and blood splattered on his face and T-shirt. He had blood on his feet and he was laughing and screaming. 

An autopsy report revealed Kathy had 12 stab wounds. 

When police drove Dickout to the police station he told officers, “This was all for a laugh. I killed my mom. She was so beautiful. She was always thinking of me. I’m her son. She loves her son. Why?”

Dickout told officers he had never used cannabis oil before the night of the murder. He seemed to be hallucinating and mistook a detective for his mother and started yelling at the detective. 

Crown prosecutor Maxine Bond asked the court to give Dickout a five-year sentence saying even if his reaction to the drug was unexpected he was ultimately responsible.

Defence Graham Johnson told the court that three years in prison and three years of probation were adequate and society would be better protected by Dickout’s probation rather than a long prison sentence.

Before the sentence was handed down Johnson told reporters, “He’s had every day sitting in a jail cell grieving the loss of his mother trying to come to terms with something that he did in a state of psychosis, something that makes no sense, that he never would have done ordinarily and he’s obviously still struggling not only with the death of his mother but his absolutely, in his mind, unexplained role in it.”

Justice Vital Ouellette when sentencing Dickout on Wednesday said, “Even though this was a violent crime, Mr. Dickout was disconnected from reality as a result of acute cannabis-induced psychosis.”


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