Health Canada warns some hand sanitizers pose health risks

More than dozen hand sanitizers recalled because they contain industrial-grade ethanol

OTTAWA – Health Canada is advising Canadians that some hand sanitizers may pose health risks because they contain industrial-grade ethanol.

For more information, including what Canadians should do, visit the online safety alert

Health Canada maintains a list of hand sanitizers that may pose health risks, so that Canadians can easily identify products they may have purchased and take appropriate action.

The list includes: Eltraderm Hand Sanitizer – 70 % Ethyl Alcohol, Hand Sanitizer, Gel 700 Hand Sanitizer, Gel Antiseptique Pour Les Mains, Germzero, Sanilabs Hand Sanitizer 70% Ethanol, Walker Emulsions Hand Sanitizer, Hand Sanitizer Désinfectant pour les mains, Protectenol Hand Sanitizer Liquid, Tidol Hand Sanitizer 70%, Tekare Instant Hand Cleanser Gel, Aktif Antiseptique instantané pour les mains, Smart Care, X-Pure Vert-2-Go Gel, Dash Vapes Hand Sanitizer, and Isogel.

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Sarah Murphy/Alberta Press Leader

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