Lacombe Police see increase in fraudulent activity associated with COVID-19

The Lacombe Police Service (LPS) has seen an increase in fraudulent activity associated with COVID-19.

LPS says the following scams have been noted since the beginning of the pandemic. The LPS would like to remind the public to remain vigilant and call/report any suspicious activity. 

• Spoofed government, healthcare or research information 

• Unsolicited calls, emails and texts giving medical advice or requesting urgent action or payment 

• If you didn’t initiate contact, you don’t know who you’re communicating to:

• Never respond or click on suspicious links and attachments 

• Never give out your personal or financial details 

• Unauthorized or fraudulent charities requesting money for victims, products or research 

• Don’t be pressured into making a donation and if you do decide to donate, ensure you verify the charity 

• High-priced or low-quality products purchased in bulk by consumers and resold for profit 

• These items may be expired and/or dangerous to your health 

• Questionable offers, such as: 

• miracle cures 

• herbal remedies 

• vaccinations 

• faster testing 

• Fake and deceptive online ads, including: 

• cleaning products 

• hand sanitizers 

• other items in high demand 

If you are approached by what you think could be a scam, please contact the LPS and let us assist you. 

If you have a non-emergency complaint or enquiry, please contact the Lacombe Police Service at 403-782- 3279 or call your local police.

If you want to remain anonymous, you can contact Crime Stoppers by phone at 1-800-222-8477. 

Visit the Lacombe Police Service website at 

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