Listing Llama app allows buyers and sellers to anonymously interview realtors

KELOWNA – A new app called Listing Llama, developed in Kelowna, launched in B.C. and Alberta.  Listing Llama allows home buyers and sellers the ability to review and interview many realtors anonymously with their easy-to-use online system.

Realtors competitively propose their services to prospective buyers and sellers, to win new clients and listings. Buyers and sellers get to select the best realtor for the job. Listing Llama is free for buyers and sellers.

“With today’s real estate market, it is more important than ever to find the right real estate agent,” said Tarynn Parker, CEO of Listing Llama.

“Finding the best agent to work with is a vital step. Selling or buying a house is one of the biggest financial transactions in most peoples’ lives. Home sellers typically hire a realtor for four to six weeks and pay them $10,000, $30,000, $40,000 or more.

“Finally, sellers command more choices with Listing Llama. For buyers it is the same, they’ve got the ability to make an informed choice in who they spend their valuable time and money with during their home search. Realtors benefit with our platform from increased exposure beyond their personal network, leading to more new clients and listings.”

Listing Llama was tested in the Kelowna, B.C. area from February through June 2019. The test overwhelmingly proved that the market exists for this new real estate concept. With the findings, Listing Llama made product adjustments along with the development of new tools, and a host of features to be released in 2020.

How Listing Llama works

  1. The buyer or seller signs into the FREE app and anonymously shares what they are looking for.  This is called a “posting” and is made available to local Realtors.
  2. Sellers share details of their house, like square footage, age, what they love about it, a few photos, and the general price range of their home.  Buyers share what they are looking for including their budget. Buyers and sellers share the information with Realtors anonymously.
  3. Realtors respond with a proposal. Realtors and prospective buyers and sellers have the opportunity to engage with an in-app chat feature, ask questions of each other, develop rapport, and negotiate details including fees and services, before any contracts are signed.
  4. A buyer or seller can withdraw at any time, with no pressure, as they remain anonymous through the whole process until they decide to share their information with an agent.
  5. Once both parties decide to work together, all their contact info is mutually shared, the Listing Llama process is complete, and the Realtor can move on to schedule an in-person meeting to conduct their professional activities with their new client!

Listing Llama knows real estate is a people business.  Listing Llama simply provides a platform for their ‘people’ (real estate buyers and sellers, and Realtors) to connect faster and with more choice, to quickly learn who they can work with for a mutually successful real estate transaction.

About Listing Llama

Listing Llama is a free app available in the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and online at

Listing Llama is a FREE tool for home buyers and sellers to find the Agent that is right for them.

Llamas are guides and this is about guiding buyers, sellers, and real estate agents, educating all of them in a more modern way with a new approach.

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