Moscow has warmest December since 1886

Brings in fake snow to decorate for New Years’ celebrations

RUSSIA – Even though it’s December it’s so warm in Moscow that the government brought in truckloads of artificial snow to decorate the New Years’ display in its city centre.

Videos of the delivery went viral on social media.

One Instagram user posted a photo saying, “This is all the snow there is in Moscow. It’s being guarded in Red Square.”

The Moscow area is experiencing one of its warmest winters in 140 years since temperatures were recorded. On Dec. 18 the temperature was 5.4C. The previous record for December was in 1886. On Dec. 18, 1886, the temperature was 5.3C. Moscow’s usual December temperature is -6.2C, according to Russia’s Hydrometeorological Research Centre.

Alexei Nemeryuk, the head of Moscow’s trade and services department, said the snow was brought in for a snowboarding demonstration over the holidays.

“The machines are cutting snow anyway and some remains,” Nemeryuk told Govorit Moskva radio station. “It is usually melted down, but in this case, we have used it again.”

Last week during a televised press conference Russian President Vladimir Putin said the climate change crisis is a threat to Russia. He said Russia is warming 2.5 times faster than average, he said.

Russia signed the Paris Agreement on climate change that deals with greenhouse-gas-emissions.

Putin, however, doubted the science behind climate change. Instead, during the press conference last week, he said the climate could be changing because of a shift in the earth’s axis.

“Nobody really knows the causes of climate change, at least global climate change,” he said but added people should make their “best efforts to prevent dramatic changes in the climate.”

  Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Дмитрий Осипенко photo)

POLL: Do you think climate change is caused by greenhouse gases or shift in earth’s axis?

Updated Dec. 29, 7:57 a.m.

-Moscow/Michael Siebert photo

Alberta Press staff

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