No plans to close Sundre Hospital: AHS

SUNDRE – AHS said it has no plans on closing the Sundre Hospital.

The Sundre Hospital and Care Centre is an essential service, providing excellent, timely healthcare to residents of Sundre and surrounding areas, said AHS in a statement Feb. 18.

“AHS has absolutely no plans on closing the hospital – any suggestion otherwise is incorrect.”

The statement went on to say that while rural hospitals is one focus of the recently released AHS Review, AHS and the Minister of Health have made it extremely clear that the closure of hospitals is off the table.

In addition, no changes have been made to the hospital’s services or hours following the review – the hospital continues to offer low-risk obstetrics services, and the hospital’s emergency department continues to operate 24/7.

The AHS review includes 57 recommendations and additional opportunities for AHS to consider. The goal of the recommendations is to ensure that AHS continues to be fiscally responsible and sustainable now and into the future.

AHS is in the process of developing a three-year implementation plan stemming from the AHS Review, which we will provide to the health minister by mid-May.

AHS said as they will work closely with communities regarding the review’s recommendations, including assessing the bed configuration of some of the smaller hospitals.

AHS photo

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