Online tool helps seniors cut through red tape

Seniors can now quickly, easily and securely submit financial benefit applications and supporting documents online

A new online tool makes financial assistance programs for seniors with low income more accessible.

The senior’s financial assistance online tool allows seniors to scan and upload documents such as forms, banking information and receipts. Until now, they had to fax, mail or drop off these documents in person.

“It’s our job to make sure seniors can easily access the supports they need. Accepting documents for seniors financial assistance programs online is long overdue and I am pleased to be making these programs more accessible,” said Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing.

“Accepting documents for seniors financial assistance programs online is long overdue.”

– Josephine Pon, Minister of Seniors and Housing

Grant Hunter, Associate Minister of Red Tape Reduction, said this is a positive step forward for seniors.

“We’ve reduced red tape by allowing the secure online submission of applications to financial assistance programs.”

Minister Pon raised the International Day of Older Persons flag Oct. 1 after announcing a new online tool that will make life better for seniors.

The changes also make it easier for organizations to help seniors navigate the financial support system.

Many seniors-serving organizations help seniors submit documentation by fax. These organizations now have access to the online tool, making it easier for staff to provide support to seniors.

“We’re very excited about this improvement – it’s been a long time coming,” said Lynn Smid, director, Family and Community Support Services, Town of St. Paul.

“We’re happy to see this reduction of red tape in our sector. The ability to submit documents in an electronic format will dramatically impact senior wait times for reimbursement and decrease the time and efforts of staff submitting claims on their behalf.”

Seniors and service providers can access the tool at

Introducing this tool is another step forward in the new government’s commitment to reduce red tape and make life easier for Albertans.

If you have a suggestion about where we can cut even more red tape, please visit the government’s website at

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