Satellite images show extent of Australia’s bush fires

AUSTRALIA – Australia’s bush fires have caused unimaginable damage. More than two dozen people have died, thousands of residents were left homeless, up to one billion animals were impacted and about 200,000 square kilometers have burned.

Tech company WhereOS created a visualization that shows the fires and destruction in the Sydney area in Australia.

On Jan. 15 WhereOS launched a satellite data analysis application that gathered satellite data and created interactive visualizations and applications. The app is aimed at helping companies and organizations understand climate change, as well as its environmental and economic impacts.

Besides satellite data, WhereOS can be used for geospatial data analytics.

Australia’s animals suffering

A University of Sydney scientist estimates that a billion animals (mammals, birds, and reptiles) have died. Flames easily outpace pokey koalas, but even fleet-footed kangaroos cannot outrun them.

These two animal emblems of the continent are themselves on fire. But it’s the continent’s entire cast of unusual animals who are at risk – the dingoes, emus, platypuses, wombats, possums. long-footed potoroos, silver-headed antechinus, regent honeyeaters and sugar gliders.

These are the worst of times for Australia’s animals.

Efforts are underway by several organizations to help rescue animals. 

Anyone wanting to help the animals in Australia can send money to Wildlife Rescue group WIRES

WIRES CEO Leanne Taylor said many animals were already struggling with a lack of water and food due to the ongoing drought. Now, with bushfires destroying over 3.4 million hectares of habitat in NSW, our wildlife is facing significant long-term challenges.    

Another organization helping wildlife is Currumbin Wildlife Hospital, which is taking donations as well.

-Alberta Press staff

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