Tech company helps schools identify students at risk of suicide, sexual grooming, radicalization

NETHERLANDS – Netsweeper, the web filtering platform for schools, is launching nMonitor to help identify at-risk students in real-time.

Netsweeper is unveiling the platform at the Future of Education and Technology Conference (FETC) in Miami, Florida Jan. 14 to 17 and the British Education Technology Tradeshow (BETT) in London, England, Jan. 22 – 26.

“There’s a lot of challenges on the internet — social media, cyberbullying, extreme content and much more,” said Perry Roach, CEO.

“This type of content is affecting the mental health of our children. Children are online asking about suicide and self-harm. Or they’re reaching out for help when they are being bullied or suffering from depression. The Netsweeper solution provides tools to alert school leaders about these actions and hopefully get help to these children before something serious happens.”

To help schools be proactive about student safety online, nMonitor sends real-time alerts when a student engages with content that signals early detection of sexual grooming, suicide attempts, self-harm, radicalization, and other potentially harmful online activity.

Netsweeper scans both online and offline content, such as chat messages, emails, and documents, content that was previously unavailable to schools for monitoring. nMonitor’s advanced categorization and analysis engine also helps reduce the number of false-positive alerts, minimizing administration requirements.

To learn more about how Netsweeper nMonitor helps schools proactively identify at-risk students, visit Netsweeper website.

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