Terrifying image of wasp battling huge Huntsman spider spreads on social media

A Sydney, Australia Reddit user ‘space_monster’ posted a horrific photo Dec. 18 of a Tarantula Hawk wasp battling a Huntsman spider.

“got home from work to find this Tarantula Hawk wasp carting off a huntsman spider (Sydney, Australia),” said the Reddit post.

Reddit users were quick to guess the photo was taken in Australia.

“Best part about this post? We all knew it was Australia without reading the description. WE JUST KNEW,” said one Reddit user.

Another one said, “I feel, like as soon as there is a storm big enough to carry Australian critters to other parts of the world, THAT’S when we get serious about climate change.”

And one posted, “I think the best part is knowing its all the way in Australia.. and it can’t hurt us here.”

Alberta Press staff


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