WATCH: Almost 1,000 people rally in Edmonton for WEXIT

The group is registering as a political party Monday to promote separatist agenda

Shouts of “The west wants out!” and “Alberta!” could be heard in the crowd of about 900 WEXIT supporters in Edmonton Nov. 2.

The rally, to fight for Western Canada separation, was held at the Boot Scootin’ Boogie Dancehall. The hall was packed with seats full and people standing. Organizers estimated the crowd to be almost 1,000.

The group is registering as a political party on Monday to promote a separatist agenda. Elections Alberta provincial party petition forms were distributed throughout the audience. They need 7,868 signatures to form an official party.

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“I’m done. You know, I’m just done,” Kathy Flett, Wexit Canada industrial relations officer, told the crowd at the rally. “It’s kind of like a divorce, there are some sad moments to this … but I think we have nowhere to go but up.”

“We’re going to be Alberta first,” businessman Craig Chandler said to a cheering crowd.

WEXIT crowd in Edmonton Nov. 2 (Facebook photo)

Founder Peter Downing sent a five-page letter to Alberta Premier Jason Kenney voicing their frustrations and calling on Kenney to hold a referendum on separation.

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“We will not allow Ottawa and Eastern Canada to phase us out,” reads the letter. “We will separate from Canada. We will survive and we will thrive.”

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Updated Nov. 4 8:30 a.m.

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