WATCH: Ancient Mayan palace discovered in south-east Mexico

MEXICO – Archaeologists discovered a Mayan palace in Kulubá in Yucatán state near Cancun.

The ancient ruins are six metres tall, 55 metres long and 15 metres wide and believed to be inhabited by the elite for two long periods: one in the Late Classic period (600–900 AD). C.) and another in the Terminal Classic (850–1050 AD).

The remains include the basement, stairways and a creak with pilasters, in the upper part, that would have been used by the elite of the place,  the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) said in a statement Dec. 24.

Archeologists are exploring four other structures in Kuluba’s central square, including remnants of two residential buildings, an altar, and a structure believed to be an oven.

Future physical anthropology exams will determine the sex, age, pathologies and even the habits of those Mayan individuals of the past.

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