WATCH: Band ‘Ministry of Woke’ debuts single Orwellian World, uses hip-hop to tackle military-industrial complex, in time for Canadian elections

Slams politicians, media, fake news

Ministry of Woke, a brand-new band, based out of Toronto debuted their single, Orwellian World, to tackle the issue of the military-industrial complex.

The lyrics say, “Our generation will be different… No more war no more ignorance, no more blood-stained paychecks… We’re educated, we’re Millenials, We’re Generation X, we waste less…”

It also says their generation will end all phobias and every “ism.”

The music-video addresses the young generation’s frustration with politicians engaging in reckless arms trade with dictatorships, particularly Saudi Arabia, but also other dictatorships such as UAE, Syria and Bahrain and authoritarian leaders of nations such as China and Russia.

It draws parallels between the current Saudi-led genocide in Yemen and the Holocaust. The song, while composed in English, features a phrase each from Arabic, Hebrew, and Farsi.

Orwellian World by Ministry of Woke

Orwellian World is inspired partly by George Orwell’s classic novel, 1984, and draws on many concepts and ideas in the novel. It also draws on the artists’ own experiences as a victim of terrorism, including terrorist events that were financed by Saudi Arabian monarchs.

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Ministry of Woke’s current focus is on releasing the album to coincide with the Canadian federal elections and bringing focus to Canada’s role in the genocide in Yemen.

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The band may re-release the same song or a similar song in the future to coincide with the American 2020 elections. The single, Orwellian World addresses the ill effects of the military-industrial complex from a global perspective and points out the problems associated with it, especially in relation to arms sales to dictatorships like Saudi Arabia.

With the current Canadian focus, the band’s website,, forwards to, which also belongs to the artists, to educate all Canadian voters, young and old, about the devastation Canada is engaging in by trading arms with the Saudi dictatorship.

They are asking the question “How Are We Different From The Nations That Traded Arms With Nazi Germany?”

The websites would be modified to address American voters sometime in 2020.

The song is available on most major streaming platforms and the video is available on YouTube.

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