Calgary Flames lose to Colorado in playoffs

CALGARY – The Calgary Flames were eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs by the Colorado Avalanche.

“With great expectation comes great disappointment when you miss,” Calgary Flames General Manager Brad Treleving said on Flames TV.

“It’s hard to see right now and it’s not any consolation right now but this team took some big steps forward this year,” he added. “It was team that missed playoffs by 20 odd points last year. It was a team that won 50 games a team that won their division finished first in the west in the regular season. Yes those don’t mean a whole lot right now but it’s a sign of a team taking that step.”

Photo credit Calgary Flames TV

The Flames led the Western Conference with a 50-27-7 record. The Avalanche defeated the Flames in four straight wins to win the series. During the regular season, the Flames ranked second in goal scoring, just behind the Lightning and tying with the Sharks.

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