Repeat after me, ‘Canada is uninhabitable without fossil fuels’

If you were in Alberta during the recent cold snap and still alive, you owe that to fossil fuels

Alberta experienced a brutal cold snap between Jan. 12 to 18 with the temperatures dipping dangerously low overnight to -34.7oC in Red Deer.

David Yager, author of From Miracle to Menace – Alberta, A Carbon Story, maintains that without heat from carbon-based plants Canadians would have frozen to death and we need fossil fuels, coal, oil and natural gas, to survive.

During the recent cold weather, Alberta Energy System Operator (AESO) issued an energy emergency alert on Jan. 13 as Alberta’s extreme cold weather caused soaring demand for electricity. Their first alert said all available resources in the energy market were used to meet the load but some reserves were still available. Hours later AESO upgraded the alert saying those reserves were being used and emergency energy was requested from neighbouring areas.

Yager released his book last year and in it, he states, “The current debate about climate change and what mankind should do about it has deteriorated to the point of absurdity.”

Yager has asserted we can’t live in Canada without fossil fuels.

Climate change has topped the political issues in Canada.

More than a decade ago, the former Ontario Liberal government vowed to phase out coal for electricity. They aimed to be a leader in wind and solar power. After electricity prices tripled and the promised energy jobs never materialized, the Ontario Liberal party lost the 2018 provincial election.

Although wind is a stable source of energy, there is less solar power in the winter.

Canada is a smaller emitter of emissions. Sixty-eight per cent of GHG emissions come from 10 countries. Canada is tenth in the list of the top 10 countries of emitters. The countries beating Canada are China, India, the U.S., Russia, Iran, South Korea, Japan, Germany, and Saudi Arabia.

We cannot live in Canada without fossil fuels. Repeat. We cannot live in Canada without fossil fuels. Click To Tweet

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