Trudeau gun ban threatens $8B industry and 48,000 full-time equivalent jobs

Open letter to Alberta gun owners, shooting organizations and sporting goods’ businesses

 Fellow shooters we are asking you to take a couple of minutes to read this letter and the attached recommendations to the Alberta government. 

Canadian gun owners have had their cultural, constitutional and charter rights decimated by successive, mostly Liberal, governments for nothing more than political expediency. They introduced Bill C-68, passed into law in 1995, to hoodwink the public into believing they were tougher on crime than the Conservatives. It worked very well for them! Trudeau Jr. used the same successful strategy, won again and now we have Bill C-71, ‘the gun confiscation bill’. He is now threatening an Order In Council, bypassing parliamentary debate, to ban and confiscate an unknown and expanding number of firearms. 

Past Conservative governments have promised to repeal these laws but other than rescinding the long gun registry has done very little for our cause. Many people predict the federal Conservative will be in shambles for at least the next 3-4 election cycles. If this proves to be wrong, we have to ask ourselves will their leadership favour us gun owners over critical seats around Toronto and Quebec? NOT LIKELY. 

Gun owners and their rights have never been more vulnerable, with so little light at the end of the tunnel on the federal level. A sustained challenge to these “bad” laws would likely prove successful. However, it would cost millions, be tied up in the judicial system for years and certainly would be appealed by a Liberal government. A challenge is beyond our means and the means of the many gun organizations in Canada. 

Gun owners have been vilified, lied about, and preyed upon by successive Liberal governments whose desire is nothing more than to appear to be tough on crime.


Registered gun owners are among the most law-abiding people in Canada, statistically way more than average citizens and even more so than law enforcement members. Registered gun owners have their profile run through the RCMP crime database every 24 hours, but the whereabouts of some 433,000 convicted criminals prohibited from owning firearms is unknown. DOES THIS MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE? 

Most of us hate the existing gun laws and its intrusion into our sports and livelihoods and rightly so. “Good Law,” as defined by, Blackstone, a legal scholar, has prescribed components. Several of these are; 1. Enhances the public good, 2. Solves the problem intended, 3. Has to be Enforceable. Our current laws would not meet these criteria and likely others. 

As Albertans, we are fortunate that we now have a government, that by their actions, believe in strengthening our property rights, clamping down on crime, especially rural, and injecting some common sense into Alberta gun laws. 

The “light at the end of the tunnel” can become brighter through provincial politics and advocacy. Alberta outdoorsmen, citizens, gun owners and sporting good retailers deserve much better. Canada wide this is an Eight-Billion-dollar industry and 48,000 full-time equivalent jobs in jeopardy, and think of the billions we have spent, and the billions we will spend on a gun buy-back with absolutely zero effect on crime. 

The support and endorsement from vested-interest organizations is critical and would add a great deal of weight to this initiative before it is formally presented to the Alberta Govt. in late February or early March. 

A quick Email of support from organizations, businesses and individuals will be attached to the presentation to the Alberta Govt. It is extremely important to show your support. This is a pivotal moment for our cause. We have to seize the opportunity or forfeit our gun ownership rights. 

Email your support to: rwferguson09@gmail.com , your name/organization will be attached to the presentation to the Alberta government. Please forward this letter to your friends and associates. Retailers feel free to post to your website. 

Let’s make this happen in Alberta! 

Facebook page “Alberta Gun Rights Forum” early February


1. The appointment of an Alberta Chief Firearms Officer reporting to the Alberta Solicitor General and Minister of Justice: 

  • Alberta residence for at least the past 2 years. 
  • Active in or very familiar with shooting sports (R PAL holder). 
  • Non RCMP members due to anti-gun culture generally in that organization. 
  • Main agenda is compliance and safety both enhanced by less complicated laws and education. 

2. Regulation changes: 

  • Prohibited – eliminated for all classes except for full automatics. 
  • Restricted – handguns only, no minimum barrel length. 
  • Magazines – unrestricted capacity to manufacturers spec. 
  • Noise suppressors to be allowed for all classes of shooting scenarios. 
  • Relaxation and clarification of rules for private ranges. 
  • Allowance for shooting all classes of firearms (except Prohibited) on private and crown land. 
  • Elimination of the confusion and perceived necessity of range membership to purchase handguns. 
  • Wilderness protection to be accommodated by open carry handgun. This would include hunting, trappers, farming, campers, fishing and any other wilderness activity. 

3. Handgun Hunting:

 • Same as rifle with sufficient calibre and energy to ensure humane kills. 

4. Shall Issue Concealed Carry under following conditions: 

  • Restricted license “R PAL” 
  • Competency test, for example, an “IPSIC Black Badge” would qualify. 
  • Knowledge of applicable laws and rights. 
  • Use of Force training course. 
  • 1st Aid Certification, including “Stop the Bleed” training. 

5. Formation of Alberta Provincial Police or “Prairie Police Force” in collaboration with the Saskatchewan Govt. 

Email rwferguson09@gmail.com and simply say “ I support,” comments or questions also welcome. 

R.W. (Bob) Ferguson, (With much help from associates)

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