AHS closes Canadian Pizza in Calgary after ‘significant cockroach infestation’ and mouse droppings found

‘Abundance of cockroach feces’ observed on pizza box storage shelves

CALGARY – Alberta Health Services (AHS) issued a closure order to Canadian Pizza Unlimited 1118-4818 Westwinds Drive NE in Calgar after health inspectors found a “significant cockroach infestation” and mouse droppings.

The May 12 AHS health order said there were numerous live and dead cockroaches were observed on all pest control glue traps in the front preparation area.

An abundance of cockroach feces were observed on the pizza box storage shelves.

Mouse droppings were observed on the floor in the hot water tank room and on the floor beside the back exit door.

There was a build-up of food debris, grease, dirt and/or debris in several areas of the facility including, but not limited to the preparation cooler seal/gasket, the kitchen storage shelves, the can opener, the storage buckets, the exhaust canopy, the air vents and the three compartment sink wells.

Sarah Murphy/Alberta Press Leader

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