Stettler County reviews Paradise Shores

STETTLER – Stettler County is inspecting Paradise Shores development along Buffalo Lake north of Stettler and wants information from the developer about the permit. According to Stettler County there are significant tests and approvals required by the developer before the county will allow overnight accommodation.

“This information includes provincial approvals for operation of the systems for water, sewage and stormwater,” stated the county April 24 on their website. “To date, the developer has not provided this required information. Whether the Developer can legally allow overnight accommodation will depend on compliance with the Development Permit requirements.”

Paradise Shores

The Calgary Court of Appeal still hasn’t ruled after Calgary Developer David Hamm filed an appeal Nov. 30, 2018, when Stettler County’s Subdivision Development Appeal Board (SDAB) slashed the size of its development. The appeal was heard in Calgary in January 2019.

Hamm cited a lack of procedural fairness as one of the reasons for the appeal. Stettler County’s SDAB slashed the number from 750 to 168 sites in November 2018.

In early 2018 the development was first proposed as a 1,000 RV stall park but was later reduced to 750 stalls.

In his affidavit, Hamm said he invested millions into buying the land for the RV park, had various reports prepared and did site preparation work. He said Paradise Shores will lose “half to two-thirds of the expected revenue from the loss of rentals of RV sites as a result of the reduction.”

The proposed high-density Paradise Shores RV park created controversy from the start.

The Summer Villages of Rochon and White sands filed objections to the development.

Both Lacombe County and Camrose County sent Stettler County letters of concern. They said the development didn’t comply with the environmental requirements of the Buffalo Lake Inter-municipal Development Plan requiring changes in land use or development to avoid important wildlife habitat and environmentally sensitive areas.

Last March about 400 people attended a public hearing for Paradise Shores. Twenty spoke against and only the developer spoke in favour.

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