Vegreville winner scratches her way to $100,000

Sheila Melenka is enjoying a $100,000 windfall after taking home the top prize on a MONEY TREE ZING ticket in late August after deciding to try out a new ticket on a whim.

“I’d never played this one so I thought I would try it – sure glad I did!” she laughed while claiming her prize late in September.

Melenka picked up two MONEY TREE tickets at the Fas Gas at 5101 54th Avenue in nearby Two Hills. She found out about her win after scratching her tickets and then double checking a couple of times using the Lotto Spot! app. Even with her win confirmed, Melenka says she still can’t quite believe it.

“I’m still pretty numb,” she noted. “I think it will feel more real once I have the money in the bank,” she added with a chuckle.

Melenka says he plans for her windfall are pretty straightforward – she’s going to save it.

“I’m going to just put it away for my future – put it towards my retirement,” she said.

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