Central Alberta

Siblings split $1 million windfall after LOTTO 6/49 win

There’s no cause for sibling rivalry between David and Betty Holst – both of them are now rich.

The duo are splitting a $1 million win after the LOTTO 6/49 ticket they bought together for the November 4 draw exactly matched the winning Guaranteed Prize Draw number – 34582641-01.

“We’ve never won before – we don’t know what we’ll do with it!” laughed David as he and his sister claimed their prize last week.

The pair hails from Boyle, but picked up their ticket in nearby Athabasca, at the Petro Canada at 4809 28th Street, on the morning of the draw. Betty found out about their win the next day when she scanned their ticket using the Lotto Spot! app – and as you might expect, the siblings had a similar reaction.

“I thought somebody was playing a joke,” laughed Betty.

“I thought it was April Fool’s – but it wasn’t April!” David chimed in.

They took turns scanning the ticket on their respective phones before deciding to call the number on their ticket and verify their win for sure.

“We were kind of in denial – until we spoke to you guys on the phone. I didn’t tell a soul and just went to work like any other day,” recalled David.

Now that they’re assured their win is indeed real, the Holsts are trying to figure out what they’ll do with their windfall.

“I’m going to save quite a bit, and eventually I want to travel once it’s safe,” said Betty. The pair noted they might also split the cost of a retirement place “somewhere warm” once life returns to normal.