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Okotoks taking steps to become age-friendly

The Town of Okotoks is currently working towards becoming an age-friendly community where all residents are fully engaged as meaningful participants.

The process is expected to take approximately two years and will include a community assessment and action plan for age-friendliness, based on eight age-friendly focus areas:

  • Outdoor spaces and buildings
  • Transportation
  • Housing
  • Respect and inclusion
  • Social participation
  • Civil participation and employment opportunities
  • Communication and information
  • Community support and health services

Okotoks is striving to become more age-friendly to meet the needs of those over the age of 65, a fast-growing population. This initiative will promote healthy and active aging, help seniors to maintain their independence, and ensure they are engaged as active participants in all aspects of community life.

A citizen engaged committee will lead the Okotoks Age-Friendly Community initiative.

If you would like to join the committee or for more information, please call 403-995-6329.