Central Alberta

Ponoka winner takes home $100,000 EXTRA win

PONOKA – Ponoka’s Stan Monkman is now $100,000 richer thanks to the EXTRA on his LOTTO MAX ticket for the Sept. 1 draw.

Monkman picked up his winning ticket a couple of days before the draw back in late August from the 7-Eleven at 5302 Highway 2A in Ponoka. The EXTRA on his ticket matched the last six digits of the winning number – 1177374 – to win him a $100,000 windfall; but he didn’t find out until mid-October when he brought it along with a backlog of other tickets to use a ticket checker at a local store.

“Well, it took me a little bit by surprise,” laughed Monkman while finally claiming his prize.

Monkman says he plans to use his windfall to do some upgrades to his home and will also share some of his winnings with his kids.