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VIDEO: Thousands protest in France against law banning filming of police

PARIS, FRANCE – People across France are protesting against a controversial proposed law on public safety that will make filming a police officer on duty a crime.

Protests were organized in Paris, Marseilles, Lyon, Brest and Nice, with thousands protesting, ignoring COVID-19 restrictions. The largest protest is in the Place de la République in Paris.

Critics of the proposed law say it fosters impunity for misconduct. The law was approved by the lower chamber of the parliament this week. Protesters condemned the lawmakers who voted for the bill.

If the law is passed, people can be fined $53,450 (US) and/or face a year in prison.

Makers of the law say the police force needs to be protected from being filmed, posted online and harassed. Critics also say the law restricts freedom of the press and would be used to intimidate people who want to expose police brutality and other forms of misconduct.