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Walk for Freedom rally draws huge crowd in Calgary

CALGARY – Today, the weekly Walk For Freedom rally was held downtown Calgary.

Around noon, protesters arrived to peacefully assemble and they were met by a massive police and bylaw officer force who cordoned off city hall’s plaza and started handing out fines for hugging.

There was a special artistic performance by the Hope for the Holidays group, followed by guest speaker Dr. Lorna Levesque from Edmonton, before commencing their walk down Stephen Avenue and back to city hall.

The rally was held as normal with no incidents, say organizers.

When police attempted to arrest a man who brought hockey sticks to the rally he became confrontational with police and resisted arrest. When police tried to arrest him, the protester – unaffiliated with any of the people at the rally – called for backup from his friends. Rally participants came close to make sure the proceedings were peaceful.

As tempers flared, police started shoving protesters and brought out their batons. The situation eventually deescalated and the crowd  dispersed.

“We do not endorse any acts of violence by the police or attendees whatsoever,” said Walk for Freedom organizers. “We hope future events that Calgary Police Service will prioritize safety above all else and cease disrupting the events and potentially putting themselves and the public in harms way.”

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