Thousands of protesters take to streets in Montreal against lockdown

Protesters say they reject ‘Great Reset’

MONTREAL — Thousands of people marched through Montreal Sunday protesting government restrictions put in place to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Montreal police (SPVM) handed out 269 infractions to protesters who weren’t wearing masks, according to SPVM spokesperson Julien Levesque.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced all non-essential businesses would be required to close from Dec. 25 to Jan. 11.

The rally started at 12:30 p.m. on Sherbrooke St. at McGill College Ave. and went towards Parc Lafontaine. Protesters held signs reading “We Reject your Great Reset,” “Better to die free than live without freedom,” “All Businesses are Essential,” “Who will be complicit in a planetary genocide?” Some signs condemned Trudeau.

Montreal residents posted videos and photos on social media showing a massive – heavily armed – police presence as protesters peacefully marched down streets.

A group calling themselves Fearless Canada say the march in Montreal served a few important purposes.

“As thousands marched in the streets, protesters showed Canada and the rest of the world that they will not back down, they will not be silenced, and they will not abide by a perpetually renewing state of health emergency, with all the restrictive measures that entails.

“Protesters and organizers demand an end to governance by decree and aim to hold government accountable to their unilateral decisions. They are also calling for a public debate between their own health officials and dissenting scientific and medical voices, which are systematically censored by mainstream and social media.

“We also witnessed a strong escalation of authoritative force as Montreal’s police service deployed fully armed anti-riot units to disperse groups and fine protesters. Fines for not wearing a mask during an outdoor protest start at $1,546 and can reach up to $6,000 for repeat offenses. While it has yet to be demonstrated that such penal fines can be legally binding under the Emergency health Act, police didn’t hesitate to issue an untold number of tickets.

“Most protesters we met indicated their intention to contest the alleged violations. The organizers of the Montreal rallies hope to inspire others all around the world to take back their freedom and show their own governments that free and sovereign human beings will not be mere subjects of their controlling interests.”

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