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Man points two pistols at Lethbridge police officers

LETHBRIDGE – Lethbridge Police quickly and safely disarmed a man who pointed two pistols at police officers.

On Dec. 29 Lethbridge Police Service officers responded to a disturbance in a home on the west side of Lethbridge.  Officers were speaking with home occupants on scene to determine what assistance they could be when a male subject appeared out of a room in very close proximity them.  The subject was armed with two black pistols and pointed them at the officers.  Officers were able to quickly disarm the subject and take him into custody without injury to anyone involved.

Trent Brandon OKA has been charged with: Assaulting a Peace Officer with a weapon, Pointing a Firearm, Use imitation firearm in committing an offence, Possess Weapon Dangerous to Public and two counts of Assault.  Oka was released after a Judicial Interim Release Hearing with a court date of January 29, 2021.

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