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You can’t post that! Trudeau government moving ahead with censorship to ‘rid hate and harassment’ from Internet

Steven Guilbeault, Canada’s minister of culture (Photo by Asclepias Creative Commons)

The Trudeau Liberal government is going ahead with their plan to rid “hate and harassment” from the internet and present their plan to cabinet next week.

If approved, the legislation allows the federal government to fine big tech giants Google, Facebook, and Twitter, not removing content the government deems “illegal,” an anonymous source told the Globe and Mail.

The size of the operation would “likely involve the creation of a new government regulator,” creating a bureaucracy around what is on Canadian internet, the Globe and Mail reported.

Canada’s Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault had proposed similar regulations back in February 2020.

U.S. top-rated news TV host Tucker Carlson Tonight, criticized Guilbeault’s bill.

“Well, this is all moving pretty fast, it always does move pretty fast, but don’t you worry; it’s for your safety,” mocked Carlson.

Sarah Murphy/Alberta Press