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Alberta businesses unite in defiance against COVID restrictions

Central Alberta business owners met at Hockey Central Sports Lounge in Sylvan Lake Jan. 27 to show solidarity. (Facebook)

Several Alberta businesses pushing back against devastating economical lockdowns opened Jan. 27 in solidarity.

Some Central Alberta business owners met at Hockey Central Sports Lounge in Sylvan Lake to support each other and they invited community members to join them. They included Bladez to Fadez of Innisfail, The Whistle Stop Cafe of Mirror, Mom’s Cafe of Red Deer, Innisfail mayoral candidate Glenn Carritt, and Hailey Wile of United We Roll.

“Businesses are dying in Alberta let’s get out and show our support as they are able to operate safely,” said Natalie Klein of Bladez to Fadez on Facebook.

Klein, who is the late Ralph Klein’s niece, also defied a public health order earlier this month that ordered her to close her Innisfail salon.

The Noble Fox in Bashaw also opened Jan. 27 at noon.

“So after a lot of thought and consideration we have decided to open. We will stand and open with the rest of the businesses in Alberta,” the Noble Fox posted on social media.

“I am not going to watch my livelihood go up in smoke without a fight,” added the owner of Noble Fox. “I would agree if they wanted us to shut economy down but it has to be all the same for everyone. Shut down the Walmarts and Costcos if that is the case.”

Alberta’s chief medical officer Dr. Deena Hinshaw urged businesses on Wednesday not to go against COVID-19 restrictions.

She said ignoring the regulations “could potentially put at risk the sacrifices that we’ve made and the progress we’ve made over the past couple of months.”

Reaction from the public is mixed but so far mostly positive.

Comments on social media encouraged the business owners.

“Proud of ALL of you, hoping many more follow your courageous lead.”

“Love love love this!!! Thank you for standing strong and standing together!”

“Awesome!!! Every small business should open and what can AHS do? Take everyone to court??”

“I’m crying right now this is beautiful.”


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