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Calgary-area man wins $1M

CALGARY -When Derek Downey saw there was a million-dollar-winning WESTERN MAX ticket sold in Calgary, something told him that winning ticket was sitting in his wallet. As it turned out, it was. Downey won $1 million on the Jan. 12 draw.

“I can’t explain the feeling,” he said. “I just knew I had that ticket.”

“I told my wife that I was pretty sure we won,” he chuckled while claiming his prize. “She smiled and nodded, but I was serious. Somehow I knew it!”

Downey discovered his win two days after the draw.

“I checked my ticket on the mobile app,” he said. “Even though I already knew it was a winner, I was still surprised.”

“My wife couldn’t believe it either. She still probably thinks I’m messing with her,” he laughed.

The happy winner said he has a few ideas for his winnings, starting with helping some of his family.

“We’re going to share some of the money with our family,” he said. “After that, we’ll pay some bills and put the rest in savings and investments.”

“One day we would like to buy a retirement home in B.C.,” he added. “That’s a long-term dream we’ve had for a while.”