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North Carolina firefighters dispatched to restaurant ‘fire’ but discover it’s not on fire – just cooking 10,000 wings

Ronni’s Restaurant was cooking up an enormous order of fiery-hot Buffalo wings for the Super Bowl

USA – Where there’s smoke there isn’t always a fire.

On Feb. 6 firefighters in North Carolina were called to a fire at Ronni’s Restaurant but when they arrived they soon discovered the restaurant was simply cooking up a massive order of 10,000 Buffalo wings the staff were preparing for the Super Bowl the next day.

Workers at Ronni’s Restaurant in Clemmons, N.C., told FOX 8 News that a passing motorist called the fire department after seeing a huge cloud of smoke coming from the restaurant.

The Lewisville Fire Department later clarified on Facebook that, no, the restaurant wasn’t actually on fire. 

“While it looked bad when we got there, turns out their hardworking staff were just preparing roughly 10,000 chicken wings for Super Bowl Sunday.”

“We are very fortunate that this was the outcome,” the fire department added. “Everyone be safe and enjoy the big game!”

Ronni’s, known as “home of the Buffalo wings,” thanked the firefighters who responded to the 911 call.

“They made sure all was well, we fed them, and got a few laughs and a great picture,” the restaurant posted on social media.

Ronni’s patrons responded with relief on social media.

“Thank God . I love Ronnies,” said Joel.

“So glad all is well. My heart stopped for a moment when I saw the first post. Good people and Good food,” said Joyce.

“My heart sank – then I laughed and was so relieved! Can’t wait to pick mine up later!” said Dee.