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Buffalo Party calls on Saskatchewan government to end lockdowns

SASKATCHEWAN – The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan has started a petition asking the Government of Saskatchewan to end all lockdown measures, restrictions, and regulations that violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

The petition has about 600 signatures so far of the 5,000 they are seeking.

Under the Saskatchewan Government’s Re-Open Saskatchewan Plan for the province, many of the features of the economy and society have been permitted to resume operations in part, under strict and costly conditions.

“The government has not informed the public when long-term restrictions – such as those on mass gatherings – will be repealed,” says the Buffalo Party.

“The Charter requires the Saskatchewan Government to carefully and thoughtfully consider the full impact of lockdown measures, restrictions, and regulations including all social and economic harm, as well as the adverse impact on the physical and mental health of its citizens.

“The Charter requires actual evidence, not speculation, to prove that these lockdown measures, restrictions and regulations have achieved results that would not have been achieved by measures that do not violate the Charter. This has not happened.”

Grassroots party

The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan is a provincial political party formerly known as Wexit Saskatchewan.

After the 2019 Trudeau Liberal federal election win, Wexit parties were created in Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia.

On March 10, 2020, Wexit Saskatchewan became registered as a provincial party with Elections Saskatchewan. Once registered, Wexit Saskatchewan proposed a referendum on independence.

In June 2020, the party changed its name to Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan.

Buffalo was the name originally proposed for one province, which would have been the combined territories of what is now Alberta and Saskatchewan. Instead, however, the Wilfrid Laurier Liberal government split the large region into the two provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan. They joined confederation in 1905.

The Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan ran 17 candidates in the 2020 provincial election but didn’t win any seats. In spite of being ignored by the mainstream media they came in second in four ridings.

In October 2020, Wade Sira, leader of the Buffalo Party of Saskatchewan, posted a YouTube video saying they were being suppressed by the mainstream media.

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