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U.S. Conservative Grounds coffee shop boasts a ‘place to congregate without scourge of liberalism’

Photo: Conservative Grounds website

FLORIDA- Conservative Grounds Coffee Shop in Key Largo, Florida is aimed at right-leaning java drinkers and is a place where President Donald Trump is king.

The idea for the coffee shop came after a barista at Starbucks asked a police officer to leave the shop. Conservative Grounds opened up in 2020 in response, they said “to fight the scourge of liberalism and to offer God loving, 2nd Amendment supporting, and traditional values where Americans can have a place to go and feel welcome.”

The coffee shop boasts they are the greatest American coffee shop and a law enforcement officer will never be asked to leave.

“Come grab a coffee with your MAGA hat. No longer will an American who believes in Conservative Values not feel comfortable simply getting a cup of coffee,” say the restaurant owners.

Inside you see American flags, guns on the “2nd Amendment” wall and a replica of the Oval Office. There is also a red button set in a wooden box, much like the one that was on President Donald Trump’s real desk. The president’s button summoned a butler with a Diet Coke. When you push the button at Conservative Grounds, Trump’s voice says, “I’m really rich” or “I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I will have Mexico pay for that wall.”

Customers inside Conservative Grounds coffee shop when they opened in 2020. Amanda Makki for Congress photo

The back door, which is near the bathrooms, is covered with a picture of a unicorn in a magical forest with the words, “liberal safe space, enter here.” The door leads into the alley behind the building.

The baristas wear red hats with T-shirts that say “The right coffee shop for America.” The counter tops are glossy red to complement the blue floor with white stars.

Approximately 1,000 customers came the first day the coffee shop opened in 2020.

Those opposed to the coffee shop posted on Facebook that they planned a “takeover” protest of the shop, but it never happened. The owners said Key Largo police had called them to report Facebook comments mentioning their baristas should wear bulletproof vests.