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Lockdowns caused ‘incalculable suffering to Canadians’ says MPP who calls for them to end

ONTARIO – Conservative Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) David Sweet is calling on the Ontario government to end the lockdowns saying they have caused “incalculable suffering to all Canadians.”

On Wednesday, in a Facebook live event with York MPP Roman Baber, Sweet said “Lockdowns, by their nature, are a threat to mental health.”

Baber, who sits as an independent, was booted from the Ontario PC caucus in January after he wrote an open letter calling for an end of lockdowns. Baber said lockdowns had increased suicides, bankruptcies and divorces and didn’t make a difference in ICU capacity.

Sweet and Baber want the Ford government to move Ontario into the Green Zone and impose the fewest number of restrictions.

“The financial consequences that family businesses, entrepreneurs and workers are experiencing because of lockdowns is huge,” said Sweet.

Sweet said opioid overdoses have skyrocketed and screenings and treatments for diseases have decreased due to lockdown measures.

“The attitudes toward the lockdown have changed and we are seeing more people publicly speaking out against it,” said Baber.

“We should move the entire province into Green, while securing infection control and adequate staffing in long-term care homes.”