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NDP wants to phase out Canada’s Armed Forces

Canadian Armed Forces member (Wikiwand photo)

At its April 9-11 policy convention, the NDP will debate phasing out the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The policy resolution called “Elimination of the Canadian Armed Forces” was submitted by the federal party’s Spadina-Fort York Electoral District Association (EDA). 

The NDP resolution states, “In a world with a globalized economy traditional militaries are becoming increasingly unnecessary.” The resolution points to other countries such as Costa Rica, which has started a process of demilitarization. There are about 21 countries that don’t have a military but typically they have had long-standing agreements with a former occupying country.

“An NDP government will commit to phasing out the Canadian Armed Forces,” states the policy resolution. “All members of the Canadian Armed Forces will be retrained, at the expense of the federal government, into civil service roles that help expand Canadian, provincial and municipal social services, such as expanded health care, education, community services, public transit and parks.” 

The proposed policy says members of the CAF would receive their full salaries and benefits until they take on their new proposed role in the civil service.

Other policy resolutions that will be debated at the convention include abolishing Canada’s monarchy, a motion to remove all Sir John A Macdonald statues from public spaces and pulling Canada out of NATO.

Alberta Press staff