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New poll suggests Liberals could win back their majority government

Ottawa – A new poll shows that the Trudeau Liberal government could win back its majority government.

The poll by Abacus Data shows that the liberals are surging ahead in popularity as O’Toole’s popularity drops. Trudeau now has an eight-point lead over the Conservatives.

The poll revealed that 38 per cent of Canadians would vote Liberal if an election was called today.

In Ontario the Liberals have 44 per cent of the public’s support, compared with 28 per cent for the Conservatives. In Quebec the Liberal party has 37 per cent of the people’s support, which gives them a seven-point lead over the Bloc who only has 30 per cent.

Abacaus Data CEO David Coletto said he believes the vaccine rollout is responsible for more Liberal support.

“I think people are more optimistic about the vaccines, and when they’re going to be able to get one. We even see far more people think they’re going to get it by June than did even a few weeks ago. So that explains some of the improvement that the Liberals have seen and their vote.”