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VIDEO: WE Charity scandal spreads to the U.S.

WE claims they have built 1,500 schools and school rooms across the world but can’t provide locations of schools

SAN FRANCISCO – U.S. TV News station ABC News is exposing details of the WE Scandal.

According to ABC News, WE Charity claims to have built 1,500 schools and school rooms across the world but can’t provide locations of the schools or classrooms.

WE Charity raised $490 million in the U.S. alone since 2011 but tracking and figuring out where the money has gone has “pretty much stumped a Parliamentary committee,” reported ABC News.

A Canadian Parliamentary committee investigating WE Charity held a hearing April 8 about the nonprofit’s business dealings. WE received a $900 million COVID contract in June 2020 to oversee a student service grant in Canada intended to help students with volunteering.

A similar program, however, already existed in Canada.

“We all stopped and said wait… what?” said MP Charlie Angus who sits on a committee investigating WE Charity for the past eight months. “It didn’t make sense.”

On March 12, 2021, the Kielburger brothers testified under oath that they paid Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s family nearly a half-million dollars in speaking fees for WE Day events.

“The revelations just keep getting worse and worse,” MP Pierre Poilievre told ABC News.

U.S. journalist Reed Cowan testified before the Canadian Parliamentary committee via Zoom.

“I’m here today to speak on behalf of this little guy right here, this is Wesley Cowan,” Cowan said.

After his son Wesley died in a swinging accident, Cowan honored his legacy by raising money to build a WE School in Kenya in 2009. The school plaque was inscribed with Wesley’s name. But, Cowan testified he learned years later, WE Charity replaced his plaques with other donors several times.

“It feels like to me returning to my son’s grave to find it broken open, defiled, and empty,” Cowan said during his testimony.

A Parliament committee member asked WE co-founder Craig Kielburger, “Why would a plaque ever be taken down? I’ve tried to think it through, I just can’t really figure out the answer to that one.”

Kielburger responded saying, “I agree with you it should have never have happened. We made a mistake.”

Allegations have surfaced that multiple donors have been funding the same projects at WE Schools in Africa.

“Someone even said that these plaques to honor donors might as well have velcro on them because they were removed and replaced so rapidly,” Poilievre told ABC News.

WE Charity has been highly endorsed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom. According to California state public finance records, a couple of weeks before Newsom spoke at WE Day 2015, records indicate Newsom made a behested payment – which according to the Fair Political Practices Commission means he requested Comcast to make a donation to the nonprofit for $242,500, reported ABC News.

Records show the following year another organization founded by the Kielburger brothers sent the Newsoms baby gifts worth $110.

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