COVID ‘herd consensus’ pushed, prevents opposing point of views, says MP

Canadians must reject censorship of opinions that go against the official COVID-19 narrative, says MP Pierre Poilevre.

During a Canada Strong and Free Network panel on April 21 the Member of Parliament for Carleton, Ont., said that Canadians need to speak up if they want to see change. He spoke at “When Politicians Panic: A Look at COVID Management – What’s Working, What’s Not Working and Alternatives Moving Forward,” which also featured U.S. Congressman Ralph Norman, Toronto Sun journalist Anthony Furey,  Dr. Richard Audas, and Dr. Matt Strauss.

“Don’t be silenced,” said Poilevre. “We’ve all heard about herd immunity, well there’s an attempt to drive ‘herd consensus’ and to prevent anyone who has a contrary point of view from stating it out loud. Those who are confident in the factual underpinnings of their position should not fear debate, they should welcome it and the people in the community should speak up when they hear things that don’t make any sense to them.

“We have a good debate and thrash these issues out based on facts,” he added. “And not based on a manufactured consensus that silences anyone who disagrees and puts on a pedestal those in authority who have consistently stated what everyone now agrees to be false information.”