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Bill C-10 would silence only true criticism against Trudeau – from people on social media – says MP Poilievre

OTTAWA – When speaking to the House of Commons, MP Pierre Poilievre said the only true criticism against Trudeau comes from the people and not from the bought and paid for “adoring” media that Trudeau controls and that’s why he wants to stop free speech.

Bill C-10 is “hammer” to “intimidate freedom of expression”, says one former CRTC commissioner.

The Liberals originally said posts online would be excluded from Bill C-10 but the Liberals, at a parliamentary committee, quietly removed that exemption.

Experts say the true power of Bill C-10 is to censor and control what Canadians see, read, watch and post online.

“It’s an attack on freedom of expression,” said Poilievre, adding that the Canadian Charter of Rights protect our rights to communicate our thoughts, values and principles unimpeded by the state.

“This bill will prevent us from doing so,” said Poilievre. “It’s a massive expansion of government power that Justin Trudeau is trying to slip in in the panic of a pandemic while he thinks no one is watching”

To watch the Bitchute video of MP Pierre Poilievre discussing Bill C 10 in the House of Commons click link below.

Poilievre’s petition can be viewed on the following link.