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Guilbeault’s Bill C-10 a ‘national embarrassment’ says former vice-chair of CRTC

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Bill C-10 is a “national embarrassment,” says former vice-chair of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC).

“Last week, Canadians finally realized that Guilbeault, the cable companies, film-makers and musicians were prepared to regulate individuals’ online expression if that meant getting what they wanted. It’s unlikely that’s the outcome Canada’s creative core was looking for when all this began,” wrote Peter Menzies in The Financial Post on Wednesday. Menzies is a former CRTC vice-chair and former newspaper publisher.

Following backlash, on May 3 Liberal Minister of Canadian Heritage Steven Guilbeault says he will introduce a separate amendment that would make it clear content posted by Canadians on platforms like YouTube and TikTok won’t be subject to CRTC control.

Experts say the new broadcasting bill could regulate all your Facebook, Instagram and YouTube posts. Menzies said what this means is somebody will be watching from the government, or a government regulator, and will have the power to order your post to be taken down if they find it doesn’t suit their purposes.

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