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VIDEO: Premier Kenney wishes moms a Happy Mother’s Day

EDMONTON – Premier Jason Kenney issued the following statement celebrating Mother’s Day:

“Through all of life’s challenges, mothers are there to love, encourage and sustain those around them.

“Especially now, when children’s lives are disrupted and everyday life is complicated, mothers are rising to the occasion with grace and generosity. There is nothing like a crisis to remind us that the world runs on motherly acts of care and self-sacrifice.

“Today, we celebrate mothers, who work hard so that others can thrive. We recognize those who are juggling at-home learning, work, child care and so many other responsibilities in uncertain times.

“This day is not easy for everyone. We honour the mothers and grandmothers in residential care across the province, who may be facing a second Mother’s Day without the family celebrations they deserve. And our hearts are with Albertans who have lost their mothers to COVID-19 or any other cause.

“Now and in the year to come, let’s never forget to thank mothers for their heroic contributions to our families.

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

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